Sunday, 21 May 2017

Who Is Your Favorite Bayelsa State Governor?

Life is all about preferences. We have things we like and things we hate. As well as people we admire and those we despise. And as a people we have those who we would consider our favorite Bayelsa State Governor(s) and those outside our acceptance.

Just look at the quality of the state and somebody immediately becomes the target of our accusing fingers.

Somebody did this damage that has led us to this point where we are ashamed of the structure of what is considered the Jerusalem of the Ijaw People.

In my own opinion, the Governors come first in this particular game of blame casting. They are the source of our backwardness.

Some were better than the others while others were so horrible on the job that we think they deserve an award for THE WORSE BAYELSA STATE GOVERNOR.

So who is your favorite Bayelsa State governor?

Who made the needed difference or at least made efforts to carry the state to the next level?

It would not be enough to just pick a name. But you should go a bit further by mentioning the achievements as well as the failings, depending on which position you would like to take.

If you desire to name a favorite then please make mention of the achievements that have earned them that place in your heart.

If your desire is to proclaim the worse Bayelsa State governor ever, then please give your reasons.

We are Bayelsans, Bayelsa is our state. So let's come together and talk real talk.

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