Friday, 19 May 2017

Whats Your Take On The Different Universities In Bayelsa State?

The are three universities in Bayelsa State. One is state owned, the other federal operated while the last is still in the process of becoming.

But according to Governor Dickson it is a private university with some loose tie with the state government.

In other words it is a partnership between the state government and the private sector.


 The 3 Universities In Bayelsa State 

For most of us Niger Delta University was the only school that could house our academic dreams back in the day.

But today we have the Federal University Otuoke and I think that changes the game of preference.

So the question now is, between these two universities in Bayelsa State, which one is better?

I studied at the state owned university and I can list some serious faults but I would like to hear from you and you.

What's your take?

 10 Facts About Bayelsa State University 

If you had attended or is currently attending the Federal University at Otuoke then give us a synopsis of what is going on over there.

If these events can be considered as markers for the school been the best or the worse.

And if you are from my alma mater, by all means share your thought on the matter.

Let us discuss and afterwards decide which the best or the worse among the universities in Bayelsa State.

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