Friday, 19 May 2017

What Is Your Opinion On Bayelsa State As A Modern Day Entity?

As indigenes we all have our personal opinion when it comes to Bayelsa State. But since no one can tell of another man's mind, the idea is to get you to talk.

To talk about what you think is wrong with Bayelsa State. What as a state she is doing well or worse.

Personally I am of the conviction that Bayelsa State is a glorified village. An existence that cannot measure up to the amount of resources that has being heaped on her.

For others it is even worse. They are of the opinion that we don't deserve a state of our own.

For them if there is a referendum to get rejoined with Rivers State, the votes would be alarmingly high on the part of those who would want that.

But who would blame them when Bayelsa State has become a den of political thieves of different shades and colour.

Political thieves who are ready to do and undo to fill their pockets but will never do the smallest of altruistic acts to see that the people, their aspirations and state is moved to a logical conclusion hinged on progress.

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So as an indigene what is your take on the matter? What ideas had the bad bad Bayelsa State situation seeded in your mind.

Just spill it and let us talk.

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