Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Rise And Rise Of Bayelsa State Bloggers

Recent years have seen a geometrical increase of Bayelsa State Bloggers. Each occupying their own unique space but all of them writing about almost the same topic.


But it is not for entertainment alone that these Bayelsa State Bloggers decided to journey the path that was once, exclusively the domain of Linda Ikeji and co.

The basis for becoming a blogger, might be reduced to one single word, SURVIVAL!

Yes! Being a Bayelsan is a hustle and if you are resident in that state then it is three times harder for you than your peers in other parts of the country.

Thus the need to approach every promising avenue for self survival with open arms.

But it is not at all easy for these Bayelsa State Bloggers because people in the state don't take them seriously.

They rather read the blogs of other well established Nigerians rather than contribute towards the blogging progress of their own by constant engagement to their blogs.

A lot of these new breeds of Bayelsa State Bloggers are graduates with the majority of the other half compromising of undergraduates.

It is only proper that they get all the support they can get from their own people and state before begging for outside attention.

Majority of these Bayelsa State Bloggers are getting into the blogging game not as a temporary hustle but as a full time job.

One that would eventually become an employer of persons in the state should online success and traffic come knocking.

If you are a Bayelsan and you are reading this. Take time out to look for blogs that belong to your indigenous brothers and sisters and support them with comments, social media shares and even friendship.

In one of my future posts, I shall make a compilation of Bayelsa State Bloggers and their domain names.

I hope that helps.

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