Monday, 22 May 2017

The No.1 Bayelsa State Blog

I think it is time to officially introduce this particular blog. To give its purpose a face and help you and you, to understand its mission.

First off, this site is basically about Bayelsa State and all that concerns her. It will not cater for anything else, unless it shares a link with the state and her people.

The title and url of the blog already speaks for itself. It is essentially Bayelsan and by that definition, the mission is to show case Bayelsa State to the world.

To tell her story, to help display her potentials and help shape the consciousness of the average Bayelsan by discussing issues that are necessary towards their wellbeing.

As a Bayelsa State Blog it will be diverse in its content. It will try to cover every Bayelsan topic, from politics to entertainment and everything in between.

That's where you come in, you can send in your stories or situation reports as long as it is connected to Bayelsa State.

To get your stories published send it to

You can also get your entertainment content published on the blog. From music, musical videos to any form of event coverage.

As long as it belongs to a Bayelsan or is Bayelsa related.

Be waiting...

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