Thursday, 18 May 2017

The Latest News In Bayelsa State Between Last Week And Now

The latest news in Bayelsa State can be described as episodes of sadness and lost and a fact telling experience of how human life has become almost worthless before some people.

Yes! Human life!

The past two weeks in Bayelsa state has seen an upheaval of one kind or other disturbing the peace and in the center of it all was the sudden departure of human life.

Last week news of an Epie girl murdered by an Igbo male filtered through Yenagoa like a dark mist and before you know it there was violence in the Biogbolo axis of the state capital.

According to the rumours that eventually became the latest news in Bayelsa State that particular period.

The girl who is a native of Yenagoa and the Igbo male had lodged in a small motel located on custom road.

Whether for sex or for something else, it became irrelevant as that night meeting would begin the end to the girls life.

Rumours had it, that he had wanted to use her parts for ritual, thus the stabbing and gut opening.

Even the Bayelsa state media had this same version as the latest news in Bayelsa State on that day and the days after it.

Maybe it was her cries, maybe it was the hands of fate, but according to the story. She struggled free from the murder attempt but with devastating wounds already inflicted on her.

The Igbo male would successfully flee with the darkness of the night and the negligence of the motel management serving as accomplice.

Days later news of her death made the rounds and that was when Epie youths took matters into their hands and Igbo shops and people would become the target of their anger.

Timely intervention by security forces however made certain the looting of Igbo businesses and harassment of their owners were contained without much damage recorded.

Its been almost two weeks now, and Igbo businesses in that area of Yenagoa has remained on the lockdown.

The killing Of Former Bayelsa State PDP Chairman Christopher Hobobo From Agbere.

This assassination of an Agbere adult male whose daughter happens to be an acquaintance took place on Wednesday morning.

He was stabbed to death in his own living quarters by men of the underworld, who were brought before his lodgement with a single intent "KILL HIM".

Between these two deaths, the latter is currently the latest news in Bayelsa State, with many a person still whispering of how human life was now nothing before those who would take it away for a price.

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