Sunday, 21 May 2017

Bayelsa State's Youths And Concept called Violence

Bayelsa State's Youths and violence go hand in hand and this is fact, especially when the issue of cultism is thrown into the picture.

There is never a day that passes by without some form of youth violence recorded in parts of the state.

It happens all the the time. And for a lot of these youths, being violent is the signature of being powerful.

But then violence And power is synonymous.

We all heard about the killing of an 18 years old Epie girl by an Igbo lad on custom road, Biogbolo.

The murder that was later termed a "ritual attempt" saw tribal violence erupt in that part of Yenagoa.

The incident would later lead to all Igbo traders asked by the state commissioner of police to close their trading centers until the matter is resolved.

But despite the notice given to the Igbo community. An Igbo male was spotted operating his shop yesterday (Saturday 20th) and was attacked by aggrieved youths.

Taking laws into their hands and showcasing their innate violent traits, these Bayelsa State Youth's attacked both the Igbo male and his shop.

In that moment of violence a JTF van came through and in the heat of the moment shot one of the boys on his leg.

He was however later taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to popular opinion he "Deserved It".

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