Thursday, 18 May 2017

Bayelsa State A Glorified village

A lot of people would consider Bayelsa State to be an urban city with structures portraying the civilised moments that we now live in.
But that is a terrible lie emanating from the compounds of ignorance.
Any person with knowledge of what Bayelsa State looks like would quickly lament the backwardness characterizing the entire state.
Bayelsa State is a modern day village, a glorified village.
As an indigene it hurts the eyes when a look at the capital known as Yenagoa is no different from local government areas like Otukpo in Benue state.
A general look speaks of a failed state and failed politicians who are more concerned with siphoning state funds than fulfilling election promises.
The problem therefore with the state, are the politicians who run it and is currently running it aground.
Bayelsa is presently being operated through falsehood. People outside are of the opinion that it's erstwhile huge state allocations has made her a modern day beauty while maintaining a life of Bliss for its people.
But that is another big lie!
Some people would readily tell you that the state is cursed and on a course towards an eventual collapse.
Which is not far from the truth.
Even the state university, Niger Delta University is another mismanaged avenue for a grand theft that has time and time again defiled common sense.
Bayelsa State is not a state but a glorified village.

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