Monday, 22 May 2017

Backlinks Tip For Bayelsa State Bloggers

Are you a Bayelsa State Blogger? Just starting out or already on the grind?

If you fall into any of these categories, chances are, you are dying to get more traffic, more visitors and more social shares.

The truth is we all do. As bloggers unless we get traffic our online ventures would shrivel and die.

That's why as bloggers the desire to get more backlinks remains top priority. Backlinks are links coming from other websites to your site.

Its like a SEO vote, the more links you have coming to your blog, the easier it would be for you to rank on Google.

There is however a  "but" to that above statement. You need to get quality backlinks to you site and not just any kind of links.

Go for "quality and not quantity" should be the maxim to guide you when looking for backlinks to help improve your Google ranking.

With good Google rankings comes sweet organic traffic, which means more natural visitors to your site.

But no matter how many good backlinks you make, unless Google index them all, you are not going to enjoy their powerful link juice.

So I am here to show you how to make sure your backlinks are indexed by Google.

There are different methods but the one I am going to teach you today is simple and direct and involves just pasting of the url your backlinks are located and then publish them as a single post.

And that's it.

Just copy all the URLs where you made your backlinks and then use them as the body of a new post and then publish.

After doing so, go to your webmaster dashboard and then fetch that particular post link and index it your self.

That's all. 

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