Thursday, 18 May 2017

About The Former Bayelsa State PDP Chairman Recently Murdered

The news of the gruesome murder of a former Bayelsa State PDP Chairman rocked the peaceful boat of Bayelsans yesterday.

The reason behind the assassination remains unknown but one well know fact is the general opinion that none of us are safe in our houses.

The ex PDP chairman was murdered in his own house located on the same street where i live.

His gate was forced opened and right there in his own space his life was taken away from him like candy from the hands of a kid.

Strangely enough, he is also from the same village as my humble self and it pains to realize that my ancestral home just lost another father, son and brother.

My concern is however about the state of violence in the state and the seemingly lack of security that now pervades the air.

Stories of maiming and murder is becoming a constant in our daily narration.

Which is enough to make any normal Bayelsan live in fear. Fear of both the known and unknown menace that might suddenly just spring up and cast a dark shadow over our heads.

There use to be a time when security vans were positioned at the entry and exit points of our various streets.

Those where the good old days when we had all pretended to be safe despite the abundance of cultists and militants surrounding us.

But these days cultism, harassment and and blatant theft are now our permanent neighbours without fear of justice.

Bayelsa State is now a jungle of some sort where blood letting is as bad as the stories of the wild wild west that our televisions had rendered, serving as a warning to the dangers of excessive individual freedom against the goodwill of the collective whole.

As a people the time is coming when we must come together and protest against the current situation.

Fill the air with a roaring "We are no longer safe", until the government listens and does something about it.

Our youths are now nothing but tools in the hands of politicians who would see them kill for the price of peanuts.

With no proper education for the average Bayelsan, the goriness promises to continue nonstop.

It is true that government cannot completely secure us as a people but the other truth is also contained in the fact that the security effort of the government is below expectation.

May the soul of the former Bayelsa State PDP chairman find peace in the afterlife. Amen!

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