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10 Facts About Bayelsa State University

Bayelsa State, Bayels State University

Felix Brambaifa

10 Facts About Bayelsa State University

For most people it is hard to say which institution actually falls under the rubric of Bayelsa Sate University.

This is because it does not go by that name. Rather the university is called Niger Delta University.

And she is the only state owned university in the state at the moment.

I would do my best to state those details that might serve as facts in this regard and hope it is valuable to you as I expect it to.

The people who are mostly concerned about the phrase "Bayelsa State University" are intending students.

They want to know as much as is needed so that they can make informed decisions.

So here we go.

1. Founded by Chief DSP Alamieseigha

The university was brought into existence by the late Chief DSP Alamieseigha, who was then the governor of Bayelsa State.

In the year 2000.

And it is located in his home town of Amassoma.

2. Poor Infrastructures

The university is a shadow of what it should be, despite the revenues and money from the state. Meaning,s nothing to write home about.

One begins to wonder what the money made from students is used for.

As there is hardly any structural growth on or off campus that can be tied to the institution.

3. Tyranny of The System

Niger Delta University is ruled by a fierce grip that gives little or no allowance to student freedom.

You are not allowed to do anything except by permission.

Even when school fees are raised without due consideration for the students.

Students are still not allowed to show their grievances through protestation.

You are just expected to accept.

In other words, the students do not have a working SUG.

The SUG is weak and is almost completely useless.

4. Library And Outdated Books

The Main Campus comes with a library (small) and recently another one (Larger) was built.

But the similarity that the two libraries share, is in the numbers of outdated and irrelevant books stock on their shelves.

You better come prepared with your own stocks of needed books, if you want the beat reading cultures.

5. Hostel Cooking

You are basically not allowed to cook inside hostels.

Which means you would spend more money on food than you would have loved to.

One of the many reasons why students go for off campus housing.

6. Cultism

Don't come to this Bayelsa State University thinking the issue of cultism would not be experienced.

If there is one thing that is an integral part of the university system, it is Cultism.

If you are an observer you would notice it by the handshakes, the gathering and manner they carry themselves.

They seem to have the most beautiful girls, hang out more at the various bar scattered off campus.

So if you are not ready for such vices, then limit your visits to bar and parties.

Be observant of the friends that you make.

7. Light

There is light in the host community. Which means if you decide to stay off campus, you would not have to worry that much about darkness.

But the thing about light off campus is that the indigenes have learnt to exploit students when it comes to light bills.

For instance, when you go home for you two months holiday and then return.

You are still expected to pay for the two months you diet use.

8. Drug Abuse

Marijuana usage is a common thing among students here.

Tramadol and all kind of pills are rampant and easily accessed.

Do not be deceived by the soft beautiful girls you meet there.

They are the one's more into pills and many even indulge in marijuana usage.

So be careful.

Or you fall prey to a cup of palm wine mixed with tablets.

If you are a girl, you will get raped, even the boys are not free, because when intoxicated in that manner.

You can be initiated against your will.

9. Corrupt Lecturers

You have them in abundance here. The ones who are there to make money rather than teach.

The ones who don't care if you understand or not. They just want their salary.

The ones that you would have to pay to pass your exams, not because you can'

The ones that you would have to pay to pass your exams, not because you can't write but because no matter what you write, unless you pay them, you will fail.

10. Night Life

Yes, there is a night life within the campus that has to do with students out on night reading.

The classes would all be filled up.

In fact the campus would remain alive well into the night hours.

You would see lovers here and there.

Its fun!

Now those are the 10 Facts About Bayelsa State University, also known as Niger Delta University (NDU).

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