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10 Facts About Bayelsa State

Bayelsa State

 10 Facts About Bayelsa State

By Felix Brambaifa
Bayelsa State for a lot of people is a place of big spending and over abundance of money.
Oil money as they would say.
But is that the truth?
Bayelsa State is not what people think it is. The state is no where close to having any kind of glory not to talk of being the glory of all lands.
As someone who has stayed there for a long while now and who is also an indigene, I would like to update your knowledge about my state.
This is what this post is all about. This post is to list 10 Facts About Bayelsa State that would help you understand her better.

1. Oil Money
It is true that Bayelsa State is blessed with oil and that she is among the States from the south south keeping Nigeria on her feet.
What is not true however is the lies stipulating that the money from crude oil also circulates round the state.
A big lie.
The money from crude oil is in the hands of the federal government. What Bayelsa State gets from her oil is the little allocation from Abuja.
And that allocation does not reflect on the state. It ends inside of the sharing formula of rich and greedy Bayelsa State Politicians.

2. Underdeveloped
One would have thought that with the huge allocation (not under Buhari government oh) that once came to the state.
It would have been developed and brought up to standard or to modern tastes.
But that is another lie.
The state is backward in almost all regard. The capital is still covered in bushes.
Most areas are covered in muddy terrains. When the rain starts falling, that's when you would realize that the entire state lacks proper drainage.

3. Outside Investment
The money coming into the state are shares among the many corrupt politicians in the system.
They become extremely rich and even worse, they spend their loot not within the states.
It is no longer news to hear of a gigantic structure in Abuja or Lagos owned by a Bayelsan.
They steal the state dry and instead of spending it within her confines, they take it outside and empower another mans community.
While in Bayelsa State they build mediocre structures.
These politicians are the bane of Bayelsa State.

4. Corrupt Politicians
Bayelsa State is being ruled by exceptionally wicked politicians who care not for the state.
Not only are they bent on stealing the state dry but would stand against any development coming from the outside.
For instance, there are many federal contracts in the hands of Bayelsa State's politicians that they have refused to execute.
Even when it is for the good of the state and the people.
They take these federal contracts and then just sit on the funds.
Making sure one kobo does not get to the people.

5. Very Small
For most people Bayelsa State is a large developed state but please do not be deceived.
The state has remained small both in size and structural development.
Yenagoa which is the capital of Bayelsa State can be measured from its beginning "Mbiama" to it's ending "Famgbe" in one hour using a vehicle.
Its a small place, a place you can't compare to Warri, Port Harcourt or it's neighbouring States.

6. High Cost of Living
Things are wickedly exorbitant here. The normal price for a plate of Eba and Soup goes for 400 and I promise you, your hunger would be ni where near sated.
A tuber of yam goes for 1400 naira.
A whole water melon goes for 800 to 1000 Naira.
A self contain apartment goes for 150 thousand Naira.
I can just keep on counting but what is the use when it can be summed up in this words "LIFE IS HARD IN BAYELSA STATE"

7. Businesses
There are 3 kinds of Businesses in Bayelsa State. Namely:
* Hotels
* Super Markets
* Eateries (Pepperoni and co)
That's just it.
The thieving politicians busy themselves sleeping in hotels. Producing more young prostitutes.
But sadly these businesses are now closing up due to the drop in oil price and the subsequent reduced state allocation.

8 .Civil Servants
The majority of Bayelsans are civil servants. Which means 90 % of the people depend on government.
The number of business owners are in the 2% range.
Their business and trading force is just zero.

9. Farming
The people no longer farm. They buy everything from other States.
I remember the flood that came some years back and blocked the road to Ughelli.
That became the start of suffering in the state.
I discovered that..
* Garri
* Sachet Water
* Bread
* Eggs
And many farm products are brought in from Delta State. It was just annoying.

10. The Youths And Politics
The average Bayelsan Youth is more interested in politics than in anything else.
Of course they want to steal their share.
And with them being the leaders of tomorrow, I don't see anything changing any time soon.

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