Friday, 25 August 2017

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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Petrol Tanker Explodes, Kills Two At Mbiama Junction (Photos)

Two dead as petrol tanker fails brake and explodes along East west road, mbiama-yenagoa junction.

May their souls rest in peace!

Monday, 22 May 2017

Backlinks Tip For Bayelsa State Bloggers

Are you a Bayelsa State Blogger? Just starting out or already on the grind?

If you fall into any of these categories, chances are, you are dying to get more traffic, more visitors and more social shares.

The truth is we all do. As bloggers unless we get traffic our online ventures would shrivel and die.

That's why as bloggers the desire to get more backlinks remains top priority. Backlinks are links coming from other websites to your site.

Its like a SEO vote, the more links you have coming to your blog, the easier it would be for you to rank on Google.

There is however a  "but" to that above statement. You need to get quality backlinks to you site and not just any kind of links.

Go for "quality and not quantity" should be the maxim to guide you when looking for backlinks to help improve your Google ranking.

With good Google rankings comes sweet organic traffic, which means more natural visitors to your site.

But no matter how many good backlinks you make, unless Google index them all, you are not going to enjoy their powerful link juice.

So I am here to show you how to make sure your backlinks are indexed by Google.

There are different methods but the one I am going to teach you today is simple and direct and involves just pasting of the url your backlinks are located and then publish them as a single post.

And that's it.

Just copy all the URLs where you made your backlinks and then use them as the body of a new post and then publish.

After doing so, go to your webmaster dashboard and then fetch that particular post link and index it your self.

That's all. 

The No.1 Bayelsa State Blog

I think it is time to officially introduce this particular blog. To give its purpose a face and help you and you, to understand its mission.

First off, this site is basically about Bayelsa State and all that concerns her. It will not cater for anything else, unless it shares a link with the state and her people.

The title and url of the blog already speaks for itself. It is essentially Bayelsan and by that definition, the mission is to show case Bayelsa State to the world.

To tell her story, to help display her potentials and help shape the consciousness of the average Bayelsan by discussing issues that are necessary towards their wellbeing.

As a Bayelsa State Blog it will be diverse in its content. It will try to cover every Bayelsan topic, from politics to entertainment and everything in between.

That's where you come in, you can send in your stories or situation reports as long as it is connected to Bayelsa State.

To get your stories published send it to

You can also get your entertainment content published on the blog. From music, musical videos to any form of event coverage.

As long as it belongs to a Bayelsan or is Bayelsa related.

Be waiting...

 Bayelsa State's Youths And Concept called Violence 

Sunday, 21 May 2017

Bayelsa State's Youths And Concept called Violence

Bayelsa State's Youths and violence go hand in hand and this is fact, especially when the issue of cultism is thrown into the picture.

There is never a day that passes by without some form of youth violence recorded in parts of the state.

It happens all the the time. And for a lot of these youths, being violent is the signature of being powerful.

But then violence And power is synonymous.

We all heard about the killing of an 18 years old Epie girl by an Igbo lad on custom road, Biogbolo.

The murder that was later termed a "ritual attempt" saw tribal violence erupt in that part of Yenagoa.

The incident would later lead to all Igbo traders asked by the state commissioner of police to close their trading centers until the matter is resolved.

But despite the notice given to the Igbo community. An Igbo male was spotted operating his shop yesterday (Saturday 20th) and was attacked by aggrieved youths.

Taking laws into their hands and showcasing their innate violent traits, these Bayelsa State Youth's attacked both the Igbo male and his shop.

In that moment of violence a JTF van came through and in the heat of the moment shot one of the boys on his leg.

He was however later taken to the hospital for treatment.

According to popular opinion he "Deserved It".

Who Is Your Favorite Bayelsa State Governor?

Life is all about preferences. We have things we like and things we hate. As well as people we admire and those we despise. And as a people we have those who we would consider our favorite Bayelsa State Governor(s) and those outside our acceptance.

Just look at the quality of the state and somebody immediately becomes the target of our accusing fingers.

Somebody did this damage that has led us to this point where we are ashamed of the structure of what is considered the Jerusalem of the Ijaw People.

In my own opinion, the Governors come first in this particular game of blame casting. They are the source of our backwardness.

Some were better than the others while others were so horrible on the job that we think they deserve an award for THE WORSE BAYELSA STATE GOVERNOR.

So who is your favorite Bayelsa State governor?

Who made the needed difference or at least made efforts to carry the state to the next level?

It would not be enough to just pick a name. But you should go a bit further by mentioning the achievements as well as the failings, depending on which position you would like to take.

If you desire to name a favorite then please make mention of the achievements that have earned them that place in your heart.

If your desire is to proclaim the worse Bayelsa State governor ever, then please give your reasons.

We are Bayelsans, Bayelsa is our state. So let's come together and talk real talk.

Saturday, 20 May 2017

The Rise And Rise Of Bayelsa State Bloggers

Recent years have seen a geometrical increase of Bayelsa State Bloggers. Each occupying their own unique space but all of them writing about almost the same topic.


But it is not for entertainment alone that these Bayelsa State Bloggers decided to journey the path that was once, exclusively the domain of Linda Ikeji and co.

The basis for becoming a blogger, might be reduced to one single word, SURVIVAL!

Yes! Being a Bayelsan is a hustle and if you are resident in that state then it is three times harder for you than your peers in other parts of the country.

Thus the need to approach every promising avenue for self survival with open arms.

But it is not at all easy for these Bayelsa State Bloggers because people in the state don't take them seriously.

They rather read the blogs of other well established Nigerians rather than contribute towards the blogging progress of their own by constant engagement to their blogs.

A lot of these new breeds of Bayelsa State Bloggers are graduates with the majority of the other half compromising of undergraduates.

It is only proper that they get all the support they can get from their own people and state before begging for outside attention.

Majority of these Bayelsa State Bloggers are getting into the blogging game not as a temporary hustle but as a full time job.

One that would eventually become an employer of persons in the state should online success and traffic come knocking.

If you are a Bayelsan and you are reading this. Take time out to look for blogs that belong to your indigenous brothers and sisters and support them with comments, social media shares and even friendship.

In one of my future posts, I shall make a compilation of Bayelsa State Bloggers and their domain names.

I hope that helps.